Top 10 questions to ask when touring a daycare

Posted on: Dec 20, 2015
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When choosing a daycare, quality is usually one of parents’ top concern. In the 15- to 20-minute tour to the facility, you want to find out exactly how your child will be taken care of. Here’s a list of questions I usually ask when during my tour:

1. What is your center / care’s safety measure?
You want to find out who can pick up, door lock, clear of potential hazards.

2. What is the background of your employees / teachers?
You may want to ask if they do background check on the employee as well.

3. What is the student to teacher ratio?
State usually have standard on student to teacher ratio. The lower the better. Also pay attention to where the extra teacher is an actual room teacher or a “helper”

4. What is your cleaning routine / policy?
Pay attention to hands washing policy for kids, you want to observe if kids are being required to washing hands after play before snack.

5. What is your daily routine?
Find out daily routine for kids, see what exactly are they doing everyday and how they spend time inside and outside.

6. What is your drop off / pick up time and policy?
This is important. You will formulate your daily routine based on this schedule, and where you could attend an early meeting / work late.

7. Ask about snack time, meal time and menu
The different snack time / menu may mean whether you need to bring a snack everyday when pick up / drop off your kid. Also if no lunch is provide, you’ll have to prepare lunch every day.

8. For bigger kids (3-5 years old), you may want to ask their educational philosophy.
Play based school is a different experience than an “academic focused” school. Montessori is also a fairly different experience.

9. How do you discipline kids?
Litte kids can be troublesome. You might find teeth marks on your kid’s arm and you may heard your kids pushed someone. You want to know how the school discipline kids.

10. Last but not least, ask about sick policies and school closing days
For working parents, any day your kids can’t be at school means you need to figure out something else. You need to be prepared.