How Ella schedules facility tour for you


There are many child care facilities don't directly work with us yet. But don't worry! Our robotic assitant Ella will call the facility on your behalf so you don't have to.

Who's Ella
Ella is our Robotic Assitant. We trained her well with advanced artificial intelligence algorithm. She's smart, kind and caring. She will take good care of you!

Your request information
When you fill out our online tour booking form, Ella will take notes on your child's information and your two best time slots, then she will make call to the care facility during their business hours.

Two calls
Ella will call that care facility twice, with at lease four hours apart to best catch them.

Voice Mail
In case the care facility doesn't pick up, Ella will leave TWO voicemails for you and ask them to either call you back or confirm your request online.

Stay informed
When Ella calls, we will notify you through texting. Once the tour is confirmed by the care facility, you will receive email confirmation. So you always know what's going on.

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*We noticed some facilitis hang up on Ella 😭. In case you haven't heard back from a particlar facility in 48 hours, we suggest you call them yourself.