Child care center versus Family care

Posted on: Dec 28, 2015
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Child care center versus Family care, which one should you choose? Whether it is better for to go with the home-like environment of a family care or with the school-like environment of a center depends on the specific needs of your family and your child.

Five reasons to go with a family care:

1. Cost
Family care are cheaper (sometimes much cheaper) than Child care center.

2. Availability
For younger children (0-2) years, quality child care center sometime has long waiting list. While usually you can find spots in family care.

3. Flexibility
Family care is usually more flexible. They usually are more accommodating to your needs such as vacation policy and flexible schedule. You won’t be charged if you are a few minutes late at pick up your kids. And they may help if you stuck at work for a special occasion.

4. Fewer case of illness
Family care is small and have less kids. Your child is exposed to fewer (sick) children.

5. A home like environment
Your children are more use to this environment. Also usually there’s a closer teacher to child bond since the caregiver often cares for the child the entire day.

Five reasons to go with a child care center:

1. Professionalism
Quality child care center usually have professional management and supervision, better educated staff and good established procedures to follow for safety, sanity, children’s discipline and emotionally development.

2. Educational curriculum
Usually quality child care center provide a curriculum that help language development, math and social development.

3. Socialization
With larger number of kids, child care center gives your kids more opportunities to socialize and make friends with more children at the same age.

4. Enrichment opportunity
Enrichment activities like sports, art, or foreign language classes are common.

5. A school like environment
A structured schedule and school environment, is especially beneficial for preschoolers in preparation for kindergarten.