Add a FREE KidWith.Us Call-to-Action button to a Facebook Page

Adding Tour Request Button for the Web

Calls to action (also known as CTA) can help drive Facebook users to take actions that are beneficial to your care business (e.g., request a tour to your facility).

Adding a call-to-action-button to your page is simple. And it doesn’t cost anything to add a CTA button to your page.

create call to action

Maximize the value of your facebook page and your KidWith.Us solution

  • Place the Call-to-Action button on your page's cover photo.
  • Add a Request Tour link to your wall posts

Adding a Call-to-Action button Step-by-Step

1. Find Your KidWith.Us Care Facility ID

Your Care Facility ID is usually your facility license number. Look it up here.

2. Go to your page's cover photo, then select 'Create Call-to-Action'.

create call to action


3. Generate the tour request form URL, then replace the highlighted text below with your Tour Request Form URL.

Facility ID

create call to action


4. Make sure you enter the same URL for both mobile options (iOS and Andriod).

create call to action


5. Finish by clicking ‘Create’.

You can also add a reservation link to your wall posts, which will also show up in the Facebook feeds of the people who follow your page.

Here's how to add a reservation link to your wall posts


1. Get Tour Request Form URL from Step 3 Above.

2. Copy and paste your above customized link into the URL box at

3. Click Shorten. The shortened link will appear below with the option to Customize or Copy. Select Copy.

4. Paste the link into your Facebook Status. Click Post. The link will then populate in the News Feeds of your fans and also appear on your Facebook Wall. We recommend posting this link in every status update.

create call to action


Please note that Facebook is no longer supporting embedded applications.We strongly recommend continuing to post your KidWith.Us tour request link in your Facebook posts.